January 19, 2022

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Twitter LIES, Covers for SJW Blaming Andy NGO for His Own Attack

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It is totally our fault. For even going on twitter in the first place. Other than that, we did nothing wrong, just like Andy Ngo did nothing wrong. But just like him, we were attacked and most likely reported to Twitter by the butt hurt bitch we were telling off. While we hold nothing but disdain for this cesspool of a website, and we absolutely HATE Jack Dorsey for everything he represents, we did have an old account that we used to tell off idiots like this cunt Charlotte Clymer. We had discovered this waste of skin by a video on Youtube describing how she was victim blaming Andy Ngo for all of his attacks, saying that he puts himself in a position to be attacked on purpose “because that is his whole brand”. This is in and of itself one of the biggest bunches of bullshit we have ever heard. So, we logged on to this old account that we don’t hardly ever use anyway and told her what we thought about it.


No matter how hard we look, we can’t see where we “promoted violence (other than saying she should be flogged and sent to a hole in the ground, which unlike ANTIFA we weren’t serious about… who’s gonna actually “flog her and put her in a hole”??? No one. It’s an expression.. not an actual threat of violence. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.), threatened, or harassed someone on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.” This is a LIE, a LOAD OF SHIT, and EXACTLY the kind of shit that we expected from a LIAR like Jack Dorsey. One tweet to this violence advocating cunt telling her the TRUTH about what we think about what she deserves for one thing and one thing only; advocating for VIOLENCE against Andy Ngo. But of course, who gets banned? US! LOL. What a joke. And what do they want to appeal it? Our phone number. And for US to delete the tweet, like they can’t do it themselves. No other way to appeal without that first. ABSOLUTELY NOT, Shitter, oops we mean Twitter, you can NOT have our phone number. We don’t like your site anyway because you allow idiots like Clymer to say whatever they want as long as it fits your agenda, the agenda of ANTIFA. Just look at Jack Dorsey, he LOOKS like the punk ass 2020 wanna be ANTIFA lover that he is. We could go on and on about banning the president of the USA from his platform, but you can search around for that yourself.

Look at this hypocritical bitch…. saying violence is wrong but at the same time blaming Andy for it! And ALL right leaning reporters, apparently… “that’s what they do”. This is a bullshit generalization and this bitch needs to be told just how dumb she is.

Let it be said that Drastic Logic is not affiliated with any political party, we are independent from any of that and only seek the truth. We would be on the side of any reasonable person who uses logic, not emotion and ulterior motives, in the capacity of government. But it is never that way. Only liars like Christopher P. Hanson and his ilk get anywhere in government/corporate worlds, as that’s what it takes to crush your opponent. Lies, lies, lies, and money. Funny, if seems if you lie enough, money just pours into your lap, usually from the taxpayers. No wonder they do it.