January 19, 2022

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State pays $475K to family of pot suspect killed by bulldozer in Berks County

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For our first article not related to things that happened to us, here is a man who was chased down and run over in the brush by police who were angry that he ran.

MARCH 12, 2021 | 6:37 AM

“(Reading) —  The state of Pennsylvania will pay $475,000 to the estate of a man who died underneath a bulldozer that Pennsylvania State Police had used to chase him for growing a handful of marijuana plants, according to a settlement revealed in court Thursday.”

“Gregory Longenecker, a 51-year-old short-order cook and Grateful Dead fan, had fled into thick brush after being caught growing 10 marijuana plants on public land near Reading. His body was found under the treads of a Pennsylvania Game Commission bulldozer that state police had commandeered in pursuit.”

They then made up a bullshit excuse saying he got under the tracks himself when it was moving. Witnesses refute that story, but of course the police investigated themselves and found they did no wrong. This is such a common thing, it’s really sad. There is no accountability for police, especially with the bullshit “qualified immunity” laws. For the rest of the story please visit this outside link to the article.