January 19, 2022

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MeWe Social Network LIES About Freedom of Speech

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It should be no surprise in 2021 that even MeWe, the supposedly freedom of speech loving, privacy advocating social network that touts itself as an alternative to the draconian practices of Facebook would lie about their intention to allow free speech. It also makes sense that when blocking people who you promised to treat fairly, you leave no room for appeal, no link to argue your case. Mark Weinstein or however you spell it has locked out his personal profile so you can not make comments on it either. Not only that, they pick the SMILEYS you can use on any post he makes, so you can’t thumbs down or send ANY negative feedback to Mark himself. This is bullshit as well as chickenshit. After using the other account that we made to circumvent just such an occasion, we tried to find any link to appeal. Nothing, and no way to contact the company. We are not a fan of companies like this that obviously have money but not enough care for the consumer to provide a phone number or direct messaging with agents. No way will we invest any time or effort into a network of lies. MeWe has now relegated itself to being just another Facebook while at the same time virtue signalling to freedom lovers that they are the place to be. This is a lie. A big fat lie, just like Christopher P. Hanson lying about his road rage attack on our CEO. We don’t like that much. We would encourage anyone who doesn’t have much invested in this site to leave it now before you too waste your time and are blocked or further controlled one day soon. It’s time to stop giving hypocrites money and time out of our lives. UPDATE… WOW! The MeWe Help group is anything but that! We posted our link for this article there and were immediately attacked by 4 or 5 “people”… bots maybe? Who knows. But it went like this. We post the link, it was removed and we were told it was because they didn’t want to entertain links to our personal site! As if we make money here! We told them it was because we want people to know that MeWe is lying, and they all replied at once that “everyone” already knows MeWe does this! LOL! Like they know what everyone knows! Excuse after excuse, and then they began insulting me with age.. “You must be 12”. There was so much negative spam directed at us that it was impossible to tell them anything of substance. Nothing but insults and lies, condescending questions meant to do nothing but shill for MeWe and distract from the situation. MeWe banned us for 24 hours for NOTHING that is in their TOS as bannable. But these people weren’t hearing it. This site is nothing but a glorified lying Facebook. What a disappointment. Oh and to the fake admin who is a cat woman fanatic? You will die alone and your cats will eat your eyes.

And hey, to the idiot on MeWe, Douglas…..

…who thinks we care about what you think of our maturity? Go fuck yourself. We do not care. We only care that you know we don’t care, and that’s why we waste even one second on your stupid ass. There is no censorship here, and if you can’t see humor or jokes for what they are and assume we are just angry all the time, well, that sounds like a YOU problem.