December 5, 2021

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Twitter Sends Lying Cops to Mans Door Over Tweet Criticizing AOC | UPDATE; BECAUSE OF A REPLY!

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UPDATE…. looks like they sent the cops to his place because of a REPLY to his tweet that he had nothing to do with?!?!?!

We swore we wouldn’t focus any time on Twitter, but this is from a video by Memeology 101 and we just can’t let it pass. Lying cops showed up at a mans door with a line of BS saying that he threatened Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when in fact he did nothing of the sort. All he did was give a very mild criticism of her lackluster response to a question about the Jewish community. For that he was rewarded with a visit by the California Highway Gestapo. (Patrol). This has scared the poster, and rightly so. As Memeology says, the CCP would be proud. See the video here!