December 5, 2021

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Loveland Colorado Police Abuse Elderly Woman and then LIE About Knowing of Injuries

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Right from the great state of hate Colorado, it’s the every day edition of police abusing powers and then ridiculing the public it’s supposed to protect. Apparently an elderly woman with dementia resisted arrest and the police felt that she was such a threat to society that they should break her arm and dislocate her shoulder. Then they deny her medical care for 6 hours until someone at the jail takes pity on her and ‘notices’. A federal lawsuit filed against the Loveland police department has prompted them to start one of the ever so effective internal ‘investigations’ that police like to do. We all know where that goes. Even if the cops get fired, they will be working for a neighboring city very shortly. We will be paying attention to this one since it’s in Colorado, the very state where Christopher P. Hanson is being protected by lying cops. Stay tuned for more information as we hear it. Here is the link TO THE ORIGINAL STORY.