January 19, 2022

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Kyle Rittenhouse did NOTHING wrong.

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I watched the video, all of it, from every source that I could right after it happened. I could see very easily that what Kyle did was self defense. Yet, for some reason, Kyle was arrested and ridiculed by half the world. Why? Because of the political agenda surrounding the riots. People choosing literally and figuratively to die on a hill for their moronic brainwashed egos. Lies, lies, and more lies. That’s why that kid is going through this sham trial. But guess what? He is still alive. He would surely be dead or maimed like the many people killed by the SJW side in the last few years. Not that I want to get political here, as I personally think both sides are nuts in their own way. I also think the division in our country has been fomented on purpose as a means to an end that we will surely see in the near future. I personally know for a fact that people will do crazy, suicidal things at the expense of anyone around them for the sake of only their ego. Sound familiar? Chris Hanson?

Money will soon be no object due to a wise investment. Lawyers, private investigators, and a public awareness campaign are all in the works to mitigate my attempted killer’s attempt at hiding his secret. No liar, no piece of crap, no pathetic shit for brains like Chris should be able to get away with trying to kill someone and then lying about it.

People lie all the time. They get away with it all the time. This site is all we here at Drastic Logic can do to fight it, since our government lies just as much as the people.