January 19, 2022

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What We Think About the George Floyd Trial and Situation

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You might already know that we hold no love for corrupt, lying police officers. We only care about the truth here at Drastic Logic. Let it be known that we also hold no love for people who steal, threaten people with guns, or are too stupid, yes we said it, to just get out of your car and sit in the back of a cop car. Especially when you are already scared and on drugs, you better sit your ass down and shut up, or as you can see, they will hold you down until you stop moving, one way or another. That said.. George Floyd did not deserve to die, and he would NOT have died if he had not been shoved into the ground by a knee on his neck. Here is what they won’t mention… the political right is constantly pushing that he was on drugs and was overdosing. We counter this idea with the idea that he had a higher tolerance than someone who never used whatever drugs he was on. He would have been fine if his breathing had not been restricted, and his stress elevated from the fear of death. Additionally, it IS possible to get JUST enough air to say “I can’t breath..” but not be able to get enough not to pass out when stressed. Holy shit! The truth comes out. We here at Drastic Logic MIGHT be the first ones to say it, but there it is. Not only did the police handle this in a way that resulted in his death, they refuse to admit they had anything to do with it and blame it all on George Floyd himself. Exactly how many seconds went by with George Floyd not moving? Couldn’t the asshat cop have checked on him?

Let it also be said that the racism charge is absolute bullshit. If GF had been white and acted like he did they would have done the same thing. We have seen white cops screw and lie on white people worse than you can imagine. We’ve seen black cops do racist things against white people. In truth they only care if you have money or influence. If you are POOR… that’s it… no respect. It’s all about money. They WILL put their hands on you, and you should know that. But you should also know not to resist, because they have too many hands, guns, and radios for you to do anything about it. The best way to fight the cops is either to do it through their system, if you have a good lawyer… or to expose them in the media.

Try avoiding doing things to get the ‘law’ on your ass.

If you do, don’t fight.

They will fucking kill you. -DL