January 19, 2022

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Eerily Similar Road Rage Crash to One That Inspired DLI Kills Several People

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It could have been yours truly, the author of this article. If there had been a bridge, a dip in the road, a pole, or another car… who knows what.. in just the right place, this site would not exist and neither would I. I would be a skeleton in the ground, one that other people blamed for something it didn’t do. I got lucky that day, and that is why I am not nearly as angry now as I was right after it happened. I don’t take anything for granted. In my case, somehow, the person who tried to murder me survived after flipping his vehicle 5 times or so right after striking me. He went into oncoming traffic, hit other cars, yet no one died. What a stroke of luck, eh? I thought so… and I thought for sure someone who saw what happened would stop and be a witness, I thought surely, there were cameras on the highway… and the cops would look at the tire tracks. None of that happened. Only the lucky fact that I lived and happen to know how to build a website has saved me from the lies told by Chris, a lying witness who previously cut me off just like him, and the lazy ass Officer Timothy Dean of Troop 2B. All of these people are liars. My next step, besides a continued effort to publicize what Christopher P. Hanson did to me, is most likely to write a book about it and publish on Amazon. If it sells at all, any revenue will be used to further DLI’s goal of exposing Christopher and other liars.

Featured image credit goes to driversed.com!