January 19, 2022

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Christopher P. Hanson Threatens Death to Road Rage Victim

2 min read

In a continuing effort to gather evidence, we contacted Christopher P. Hanson again recently and informed him that we would be sending out letters and emails to people in his area informing them of what he did in 2016. Our methods might not be acceptable to some, but when you have no one to turn to legally for help, you have to gather intelligence any way you can. The transcript will be made available on our Chris Hanson page soon. Keep in mind before you get offended at anything we said, nothing is as bad as Christopher P. Hanson trying to kill the writer of this article with his mother’s SUV for merely honking at him for performing an idiotic traffic maneuver. This time, Christopher took the bait. “I’ll blow your fucking head off if you get near me bitch (sic)”. “Always look over your shoulder”.

I suppose, playing devil’s advocate, I could see why someone like him who has the protection of the police would want to kill the person who knows the horrible thing he did which nearly killed not only me but several others on the other side of the highway. Christopher has inspired this site and now given us the energy needed to actually build it into a media network exposing lies everywhere. Hopefully in the future we can travel and get actual stories from on location and the direct word from witnesses, but for now we will report the news with an unbiased viewpoint. No matter who lies, we will report it if we hear about it and have the resources. Please check out our new LIAR FORUM in the menu!