December 8, 2022

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Chris Hanson of Colorado Tried to Murder Me and Got Away With it.


“”Villains!” I shrieked, “dissemble no more! I admit the deed! –tear up the planks! here, here! –It is the beating of his hideous heart!”

Edgar Allen Poe – The Tell Tale Heart

Please see the new article where this pathetic piece of shit has now threatened to kill me. That doesn’t sound like someone who is innocent does it? If I had done what the pigs and Chris say I did then don’t you think he would be trying to avoid making dumbass statements like “always look over your shoulder cunt”? This absolute waste of skin needs to caught, stopped, and put in prison. But of course, even according to him, the police will not help me. So far, that’s the only thing he is right about. They didn’t even care about his death threats. It must be nice to be friends with lying cops and be able to do whatever you want. Click here for the Christopher P. Hanson death threat article.

UPDATE 8/7/2019

I decided to try to be civil with the police department and try again to file an internal investigation report hoping that the current employees of the Colorado State Patrol might want to clear any lies and wrongdoing on their part. I was again disappointed.

I emailed them a form with the complaint and communicated with their responding officer.

Here is what I got.

Copley – CDPS, Scott

Jul 24, 2019, 2:03 PM

to me
Good afternoon,

I have received your compliant against Trooper Dean from an incident in January 2016.  I need your help to confirm some details in order to assist us in this matter.
Can you provide me more details about the crash investigation and why you believe he did not complete it properly.  If possible, please send me a detailed account.   An email will be good if you can send it to me.  Once I receive your information, I will assign a supervisor to investigate the matter.
Major Copley
I responded with the required information. Here is the response a week later.
Good evening,

I have completed a review of the concerns you raised related to the crash investigation on January 9, 2016.  I was able to determine a complete crash investigation was conducted at the time and both you and the other driver were cited by Trooper Deen.  You both were provided court dates at the time to contest the citations in court which is the appropriate place to resolve your concerns about the validity of the case and citations.
I also reviewed the complain investigation you filed at the time against Trooper Deen with the local Troop Commander.  I have attached a copy of the letter mailed to you in 2016 at the conclusion of this investigation.   After a careful review, I support the decision of the Troop Commander and find no evidence Trooper Deen acted inappropriately during this investigation.
I have reviewed the information you provided in your email as well.
The Colorado State Patrol will not open an new administrative investigation into your complaint as it has already been investigated and we determined the trooper acted appropriately following state law, agency policy and his training.
Major Copley
My response;
You mother fuckers are gonna get it. Dean didn’t do SHIT but LIE. I had no fucking place to live there, and I wasn’t gonna be homeless in Colorado while I sat around and tried to fight a bunch of lying fucking cops! So, I will proceed with my exposure of your department for what it is, a big giant pile of SHIT. Chris will be charged with at a minimum insurance fraud, Dean will be exposed, your department will owe me more than any of you make in a year, and I will clear my name. Go fuck yourself.
If you think I seem angry here, you would be correct.
If you think you’re going to get away with this, you fucking pigs, you’d be wrong.
Chris, and you, will be exposed. Thanks for the renewed motivation.

*update November 2018*

A note on “libel”

“A person who wishes to successfully sue you for libel must generally prove the statement is false. In most states, truth is a complete defense to a libel action. You generally can‘t sue if the statement in question is true, no matter how unpleasant the statement or the results of its publication.”
This means that everything on this page is allowed to exist because what I say is true and can be proven. Rather than play the game their way with the police and courts skewed against me for a host of reasons, I am allowed to state what happened here and who did it because of one reason – What I say is true.

Thank you for taking the time to come to my page and read this story.

This page will be updated as I find more information.

If you are an employer or anyone searching for background of Christopher Hanson, born 1997 in Castle Rock Colorado, please read this with  interest.

I am one of those people that unfortunately when lied upon by the police, I have historically not had any voice or people to help me. When you barely make it on your own in the first place, hiring big shot lawyers and fighting things like this for years is usually not an option. In this case however, I have decided not to let it go.

On January 10th, 2016, I came to a bridge with an entrance to the freeway. This bridge was the last one before exit 162 in Monument.
An 18 wheeler had just gotten on the freeway there, with a red SUV directly on his tail. I was continuing in the fast lane behind my line of cars, and the red SUV tried to directly pull in front of me from behind the 18 wheeler as I passed them. I was fully aware and watching the road, and I saw him as soon as he started trying it. I honked at him, moved over to the left shoulder and went around him. I kept on going.
In my mind I was done with him and did not think anything more about it for the next 60 seconds or so. I did glance in my mirror, and I noticed he had pulled over into the fast lane behind me and was getting closer, but I did not look for long so I did not notice him speeding to catch me until I was hit. He had caught up with me from a mile back, and he SLAMMED into my truck’s front right fender from behind, impaling his truck on my bumper which was pulled out going forward. This is significant because the police and the kid tried to say that I hit HIM while he was going slow.  IF I had done that, my bumper would have been pushed IN to the truck, not flung out forward.  So when he did that, his vehicle stuck to mine, putting all his momentum of well over 100 mph sideways into my front end, which pushed us into the guard rail to the left over 30 feet of snow and grass.. He vaulted backwards over the guard rail and began flipping, and my truck dislodged and spun backwards into the guard rail again, breaking off my rear axle before I spun around enough again to see him still flipping (I counted at least four flips) and I came to a stop. So many people rushed to the other guys truck that I decided to not go over there but I was instantly aware of what he had done and I was not happy.
 (You see that cut in the fender in front of where the tires should be? already there before I bought the truck)
  Here are where the big problems really start. Officer Timothy Deen ( Colorado State Patrol), the responding officer, immediately started talking to me like I was an idiot. He told me he did not believe what I said and that something else must have happened. He asked me if I was sure I didn’t just run into the guy, and told me that the tire tracks did not coincide with my story. Obviously this is bull because my story is true, so right there he began to lie.  I realized what was going on at that point, the officer was going to try to blame me for this crap. So I looked him in the eye and told him right there “You look like you’ve been on the force for a while. I want you to look me in the eyes. This guy tried to KILL me.”. Deen continued to act like I was lying or full of shit. I never saw Deen go back and look at the tracks and he did not look my truck over to see how the damage happened. He then wrote ME a ticket for reckless driving and aggressive driving, neither of which am I guilty of! So then I told him I wanted my friend to come get my truck. I was told no, and they had their tow lot racket job people come out. To get my truck back, I had to call a friend in California and borrow 500 dollars to have it delivered to my place, and when it got there, about 500 dollars of my tools, and a camera that was in the glove compartment were missing, stolen by the police or the tow company itself.
Onward…  I tried to talk to Deen for a few weeks on email and reason with him. I showed him diagrams of what happened. HE refused to listen. So, I filed an internal investigation. I’m sure you can guess where that went. I tried to talk to his supervisor, I tried to talk to the major, on up the line to the top. They all went with what Deen said, and even said they had some accident investigator look at it and agree with them, which is bullshit as well. After a time of a couple months I became extremely angry more than I was at the kid himself, and I spent several sleepless nights cussing out the cops on email. I don’t regret that one bit. I am mentally screwed up already from almost being killed, (my animals were with me at the time too so they almost got hurt, were flung around the truck) and then I have the entire police force protecting this scum who tried to murder me for honking at him and covering his lies.
Evidence; The kid’s vehicle was his mother’s Nissan Xterra. I do not know what year it is, but after 2007, (update I found out his was a 2003, and probably didnt have the event recorder)  those trucks had an event data recorder in the computer that will tell what the last 20 seconds telemetry data was. The kid lied and said he was going slow when I just hit him. That’s not true, he hit me doing 120 mph or so, so that evidence alone would screw up everyone’s story, his and the cops. (just looking at the damage and where everything landed would disprove that, as well as the 18 wheeler guy but where is he? Anyway, the damage to my truck and the fact he flipped 5 times onto the other side of the freeway is all the proof I need) His phone has a GPS data log in it, and would have shown his speed as well. I told the cops to get both of these things and they would see I was telling the truth, but since they do not want the truth to come out they did not do so, or at least they didn’t tell me if they did. I called every place around the highway looking for video of what happened, and all businesses said they didnt have anything facing the freeway. I called CDOT, and asked about the highway cams, but they said they do not record them. Why would I have called all those people looking for video if my story is not true? Whatever the case, the cops are trying to put a warrant  out for me because I will not be there for the court dates, over a guy who previously before the wreck who stopped and told the cops “I” was driving badly, when in fact it was him and that kid who were driving badly. See what’s going on? I am being railroaded here and the police are in on it, protecting the kid for some reason. I do not have the money or the time to deal with this, and I lost my truck, pets, and everything a few months later as I was homeless due to this crash, ***update**** (to be clear, I was only homeless IN the truck, which was actually quite comfortable to live in except for it being full of my stuff. It was actually a learning experience I saw some beautiful places. I then sold it and lived elsewhere as I already had planned to do so 2 days before this crash.) (Chris seems to think it’s pathetic that I was forced into this living situation, as you can read below) living in a camper pulled by the very truck I was in the wreck with with my cat and puppy. (I had to give the puppy away as I had to sell my camper and move into the truck itself.
Here is video of the puppy that was in the truck with me when Chris Hanson purposefully hit me)
I am a mechanic so I fixed the truck and drove it again, in fact I traveled cross country in this very vehicle I almost lost my life in.
Let me get a little more specific. The police officer told me that Chris Hanson said he was pulling out from behind the 18 wheeler going as slow as it was and that I just slammed into him. In reality, he had pulled out from behind the 18 wheeler about 1000 feet or less (without looking to see me coming, I saw his face when I avoided him pulling into me which is when i honked and passed him)  after the freeway entrance where he and the 18 wheeler had come from. The wreck occurred near the NEXT exit, a couple of miles down the road. So he is saying that the 18 wheeler guy was ahead of us when I supposedly hit him. In fact the 18 wheeler was behind us because I had long passed both of them, and Chris Hanson had to catch up to me when I was already doing 85 miles per hour with the other line of cars. He was going so fast that he slammed into me doing 30 or 40 mph above me. That is why my bumper was pulled OUTwards, on the RIGHT SIDE, where he turned LEFT, INTO me, from the RIGHT lane. IF I had hit him like he said, my front end bodywork would have been pushed IN, ALONG with the bumper (it never touched the guard rail, when he dislodged from me, I spun away enough for it to avoid it, so ALL of the damage on the front right of my truck was from him). (Let’s get even more specific; in the video you can see that there is some ‘push in damage’ on the front right corner. Having pulled my bumper out and being stuck to me, as we turned from his momentum with his rear end facing the guard rail backwards (at 80 + miles per hour), when he went up and over, my truck’s momentum slightly pushed my corner into him after he had scraped it and stuck to me. (his truck did not lightly ride over the guard rail, it smacked into it then scraped its bottom over it before flipping on the other side.) This is what flung me around and made my rear axle strike the guard rail in a flat spin, which then pushed me out into the snow where I safely slid to a stop. THINK. IF I did what HE said, the bumper would be pushed in along with the fender all the way into the tire and he would have bounced off me to the RIGHT!) I Do not know how Officer Deen and his investigators get by the fact that he went over the guard rail to the opposite side, when if I had hit him like he said, merging into my lane going slow, he would have been knocked to the RIGHT, not the LEFT, and he would not have flipped 5 times into oncoming traffic. These facts right here disprove everything they say, and prove me right.
I will be adding the emails as well, uncensored. I want the world to see how I felt when I realized what was being done to me. I tried to be civil at first, and all cussing and anger from me was well deserved in my professional opinion.
If you are interested in publishing or contacting me about this, please email me at
I would like to point out that I had both my pets with me in all this, as well as everything I owned in that truck. Believe me when I say, I would not be so stupid as to drive ‘recklessly’ (what does that word even mean? I was fully aware and driving defensively when this happened). What the police have called me is an inept driver who wasn’t paying attention, as well as a liar directly to my face and on the phone. How would YOU feel?
I am including these emails uncensored. In my defense, I think anyone would be as angry as me and WANT to say these things, but might not be brave enough to do it.
DOWNLOAD EMAIL .XPS (shows pictures in emails)
I met Chris Hanson’s (the guy who tried to kill me) mother Armelda on the side of the road, she was crying looking at the wreck after having pulled up in her mini van. I asked her who she was, she said she was his mother. I told her he hit me on purpose, and she just nodded and walked off crying back to her van.

It appears his Facebook has been deleted after I contacted one of his friends and told them what happened.

EDIT; FOUND;  Chris Hanson Facebook

Above; Chris, his mother Armelda, and his father.
Sent to University of Colorado at Boulder; Greetings. I recently noticed that someone (Chris Hanson, born 1997) who was involved in trying to kill me with his truck goes to your school. I thought you might want to read the story here. I am currently gathering resources to file suit on him and I will win as his lies can be proven to be lies. I don’t think you want someone like him going to your school, who knows when he will snap and hurt someone. thank you
Below; Officer Timothy Deen, Troop 2b, Colorado State Patrol
can be seen HERE at the 1:43 mark. I cannot find anything on his email or Facebook pages, they appear to have been deleted or blocked as well.
PS; DO NOT EVEN THINK about trying to threaten me to remove this page. It is the truth, therefor I am not lying on anyone. All information posted is publicly available on the internet.
I am well within my rights to publish and maintain this site for the next 100 years.
Thank you for your time.

Update 1/21/2019

The text exchange between Chris and I was getting pretty vulgar, so I decided to include it here as a text file for download. I suggest you don’t waste your time unless you really have nothing else to do. Insults, threats, and grade school insults is all it is. The reality of the situation is that Chris knows what he did, and anything he says about me true or not doesn’t detract from the fact that he is a lying attempted murderer who almost killed me and several other people. He got the cops to lie for him possibly due to several factors in and out of his control all culminating in extreme luck for him, starting with him not dying. His luck will run out if I decide to go back to Colorado and fight the false charges against me. He will be called as a witness and the case will be proven to be his fault and that will be the end of him. Currently, I have better things to do, so this site will exist until such time as he is in jail.

UPDATE… Chris’s texts along with mine may be requested by any interested attorneys or news agencies by emailing me at