January 19, 2022

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3/17/2021 9:48 AM

I think this image of a search I did says it all. Has no one EVER really asked or typed this phrase on any website ever? Or is Google in on it? Does this go all the way to Big Tech? What chance do I have to get the truth out?

3/17/2021 12:13 AM
Here I sit, wondering how someone can drive right into someone on the freeway and get away with it after hitting multiple cars, not just mine.. then have it blamed on me. Cameras all over the freeway but supposedly.. “they don’t record” I was told. They even stole my broken dash cam from the glove compartment of my poor disabled (fixed later!) lovely Suburban. Then, the same kid who did this calls me fat,(he has never seen me, and his mother is fatter than I am), brags about getting 16k and calls his lies “the truth”, then threatens to blow my head off and to watch over my shoulder. The Police department covers for him and refuses to look at any real evidence… they don’t care about the death threats, of which I have new emails confirming so. Wow, if you look up Colorado Springs there is SOO much corruption coming out of that area in general. People with attorneys and video usually get huge payouts. All I want is Christopher P. Hanson to be caught and for all of the liars to face justice. That’s all I’ve wanted since January 10th 2016. I swear upon the entire universe, no matter what happens to me, the TRUTH, is that Chris Hanson SLAMMED into me with his MOTHER’S SUV like the PATHETIC POS that he is, and that EVERYONE lied and is STILL LYING to COVER for him. HE KNOWS IT and sleeps with it every day and is happy about it. He would love nothing more than for me to die of old age or even cause my death himself so that he isn’t burdened by me any longer. THAT is the TRUTH. THE REAL FUCKING GOD DAMNED TRUTH. Have a nice night!

3/13/2021, 12:09 AM
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Here, we will write opinion pieces related to what we do here, which is expose liars for who they really are. These opinions and any facts cited are of our own experience, and are not reflective of society in general. In fact, many of our opinions are unconventional in 2021 and could be fodder for Twitter cancel trolls.. hence why we will never be on Twitter for more than anything other than to find content to post here about liars if the need arises. If you are squeamish about offensive language, we suggest you install a Chrome plugin to filter it. If you can’t handle for instance, an attempted murderer being told what a piece of crap he is for what he did, (lying, and having no remorse,) this is not the place for you. If, however, you are slightly intrigued by the methods we have had to employ to get the word out about what happened, and you’d like to see justice prevail, then this is the place for you. We are always looking for a lawyer willing to help sue the crap out of Christopher P. Hanson and/or the Colorado State Patrol for lying and covering up his heinous act. If you think you can hack it, do join the forum and let me know by posting in the appropriate section.

We had hoped that a site like this wouldn’t be needed, but it is glaringly apparent that it is. Constant lies and now violent death threats from the piece of excrement who inspired this site has required it. We hope that after writing in this blog and adding lots of stories, our google rank will rise even higher than it is so that anytime lies and police or Chris Hanson is searched, we will be at the forefront.

Let it be known that we wish police were not corrupt. The need for a police force is obvious, but it is by nature corrupt in this particular day and age. We will go further into details about this later. This isn’t something we are just hearing around on the internet, it’s something we have experienced many times. Power corrupts. Immunity creates opportunity to get away scott free and the ability to act with impunity. Police need to be subject to full review by non-partisan, unbiased agencies placed above them. That is the only solution, in our opinion.