January 19, 2022

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Amber Heard Lies About Donating to Charity UPDATED 3/18/2021

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UPDATE; See the new video by The Quartering that explains is better than I can write it!

At this point we can fairly certainly call this one a fact. Johnny Depp has been run over the coals with lies from this woman for a long time now. The rigmarole of court for them while dealing with a judge who has connections that should have kicked him off the trial is a good example of the corruption that spawned the need for this site. Judges and prosecutors, court appointed attorneys and the like, are all fishing buddies with each other. They are not there for you, they’re there to convict you and then go eat a steak dinner on your tax dime. See the latest video from Youtuber ThatUmbrellaGuy explaining the next step for the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. It appears she totally lied about donating millions of buckaroos to some charity. We find it pathetic that we have to go after things like this so the rest of everything that she says is called into question, but so it is. Amber Heard is a LIAR! And also, why the hell did she film Johnny when he was passed out drunk? That’s a party foul, and obviously meant to be used against him. SHAME on AMBER HEARD! BOOOOOOOOO!

The featured image of Amber Heard is from Insider.com.